Sevilleta LTER

The Sevilleta Long Term Ecological Research program (SevLTER) investigates the impacts of climate change on dryland ecosystems found throughout New Mexico and the southwestern US. Field operations of SevLTER have been based at the Sevilleta Field Station since 1989. A four-person field crew resides at field station during twice-yearly sampling campaigns that require several weeks of sampling vegetation, soils, and other key variables, along with early morning processing of small mammals trapped overnight. To date, SevLTER has produced over 700 publications, which include graduate theses and dissertations. Notable products from the past five years include new conceptual frameworks to describe the effects of climate change and variability on dryland ecosystem structure and function (Collins et al. 2008, 2014; McDowell et al. 2008; Rudgers et al. 2018).  Please visit the SevLTER website for more information.