The Extreme Drought in Grasslands Experiment (EDGE) is examining the consequences of chronic drought and changes in precipitation seasonality on biodiversity and ecosystem services in grasslands across precipitation and temperature gradients in central North America (e.g. Knapp et al. 2015, Wilcox et al. 2017, Fernandes et al. 2018). This project involves a geographically distributed field experiment that is being conducted at six sites in NM, CO, WY, and KS. The two EDGE sites in the SNWR have relied heavily on field station facilities for piloting and assembling the extensive instrumentation associated with each site, connecting instruments to the SevWRN, constructing and testing rainout shelters, and for ongoing overnight stays by students, faculty, and staff.  Additionally, data acquisition and storage from all six EDGE sites is automated by servers located at Sevilleta Field Station.